Abortion Information Consultation

Obria Medical Clinics Gwinnett provides a free of charge pre-abortion screening appointment to help answer your questions before your abortion. Licensed medical professionals provide compassionate confidential care, and evidence-based medical information about your abortion options if you receive a positive pregnancy test.

Prior to obtaining an abortion, a screening is medically recommended. Pregnancy verification and heartbeat determination are required by law in the State of Georgia.

Girl sits happily outside in Gwinnett County, relieved to have answers to her abortion questions.

What To Expect

An Abortion Screening appointment could include: 

  • Information regarding abortion options
  • Pregnancy testing, (lab-grade) –  a  positive test is  necessary prior to an abortion
  • Pregnancy Ultrasound – determines the age of your pregnancy and
  • Rh Factor – testing that determines if you will need a medication before your abortion
  • Hemoglobin – a simple fingerstick blood test that determines if blood levels are a concern for complications
  • STD/STI Testing – for two of the most common unrecognized STDs, and treatment for positive test results

Know Your Options

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are my abortion options?

In the state of Georgia, your abortion options are determined by gestational age. Our registered diagnostic medical sonographer will determine the fetal and gestational age, and then discuss your options.

Do I need an abortion screening to receive the abortion pill by mail?

Under Georgia’s newest legislation, abortion is not available after a heartbeat is detected.  Heartbeat usually develops around the 6th week of pregnancy. Our abortion screenings include an ultrasound examination that detects a heartbeat and determines the gestational age. In Georgia, this information is required before obtaining an abortion.

How do I get an abortion in Georgia?

An abortion may not be performed until after a 24 hour waiting period following “voluntary and informed consent” of the woman (except in cases of emergency).  Consent for abortion can be given after a physician has explained medical risks and information about available assistance.

We're Here For You

An unplanned pregnancy can be scary. Our Patient Consultants and in-house medical professionals are here and ready to equip you with the information and support you need so that you can be confident in the choices you are making. Call or text to book your free abortion screening appointment. Your safety and privacy are our priority. You are not alone, we’ve got you covered.

Know Your Options

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