Being a college student is hard! You have class, papers, work, more homework, and social life… sometimes. Having to add one more worry to that long continuous list can be dreadful, but this is an important “worry”.

Did you know that the first 6 weeks of college is considered the “red zone” for all incoming freshman when it comes to rape and sexual assault? College students, especially freshman, are in one of the most vulnerable age groups for sexual assault in the U.S!

The first few months is the time that everyone is trying to find their way around, learn their new schedules and is the time that rape or sexual assault is most likely to occur.

Most college students who are sexually assaulted are victimized by someone they know. Although rapes do occur where the assailant is a stranger, being assaulted or raped by an acquaintance is a far more likely form of sexual violence among college students. Both rape and sexual assault is a hugely misunderstood form of criminal violence. The common misconception is that “acquaintance” rape is not as serious, or as criminal, and not as traumatic to the victim as being raped by a “stranger”.

Rape is a felony. End of story. If someone you know or if you have experienced any non-consensual sexual contact, you are a victim and should report this crime. It wasn’t your fault. It wasn’t something you did. It wasn’t something you said. Talk to a guidance counselor, your physician, the law enforcement, or your local pregnancy clinic. There is help for you.