Adoption is the word that often times causes people to cringe. A word that holds so much shame and guilt. A word that portrays a picture of carrying a child, for 9 months then “giving it up”. Then the questions pour into your mind… how could I do such a thing? Why wasn’t I more responsible? I should have never trusted him.

Then you think of your child’s first birthday and their first day of school, and maybe….just maybe the joy your child could bring to a family that would adore them the rest of their life would make it worth it. This family would give your child everything you wanted to provide, or hoped to give.

Did you know that adoption has changed. It’s not the hush hush, taboo topic that was once never talked about and where women were herded off to maternity homes like cattle for 9 months, then sent back home like nothing happened. No, now it’s much more empowering. Birthmothers and birthfathers have complete control of who they want to raise their baby. They have control of how often or not they want to see their child. They can even meet the adoptive parents before giving birth if they would like. The BIRTHMOTHER has complete control because it’s she who is selflessly choosing life for her child when abortion could have been an “easy” quick fix to a “problem” she didn’t anticipate.

Adoption has a new meaning: It’s life-giving, empowering, and full of love!